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Cal Mag for plant nutrient deficiency symptoms | FloraMax Ca-Mg-Fe

Ca-Mg-Fe:  Cal Mag for plant nutrient deficiency symptoms

Ca-Mg-Fe is a powerful ‘cure-all’ for when plants look abnormal or where growth has simply slowed or stopped:

  • Works as both a preventative and cure for annoying problems like leaf yellowing, leaf curl, stunted growth, withered fruit-set and bud rot.
  • Ca-Mg-Fe excels where poor quality waters are used, or when nutrients are subject to volatile changes in pH and EC.
  • Ca-Mg-Fe will “protect” the nutrient against high pH spikes in the range of 6.5 to 10 by containing all SIX essential trace elements in an ‘alkaline-stable’ form.

Testimonial:  “Without Ca-Mg-Fe the growth would stall and there were all types of foliar issues like twisting and dead spots. Now our plants are fully lush all the way through!”

Background:  Ca-Mg-Fe is designed specifically for fast-growing, light-loving plants, especially where growing occurs under HID lighting.  Ca-Mg-Fe is a fully soluble and super concentrated solution of calcium, magnesium and iron chelates.  To ensure protection against a large spectrum of ‘high pH’ deficiency symptoms, Ca-Mg-Fe also contains high levels of ‘alkaline-stable’ essential trace elements such as chelated copper, manganese and zinc, plus molybdenum and boron.

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