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Holland’s Favourite Calcium Magnesium CalMag Nutrient Supplement.

CANNA CALMAG AGENT is an excellent supplemental source of pure, rapidly absorbable Nitrogen (2%), Calcium (4%) and Magnesium (1.2%) minerals to stabilise pH and hardness. Your favourite plants can often come up short on these essential elements when using reverse osmosis or soft water.

  • Chelated minerals act fast to promote better-quality leaves and flowers.
  • Correct mineral ratios enhance plant cell division and increase tolerance to stress.
  • Rapidly corrects nutrient deficiencies of Ca, Mg, or N.
  • Safe for all strains and won’t burn plants when used as directed.
  • Effective in all grow media. Safe for use in soil, soilless, and hydroponic systems.
  • Ideal supplement for use with CANNA COCO A&B nutrient.
  • Imported direct from Holland.

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