B CLEAR One Hour THC Detox Drink


Colour: ORANGE
Size: 750 ml

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Consumed 1hr prior to giving your sample, B-Clear effectively removes all "Toxins" from your urine for up to 5hrs!

B-Clear contains all-natural ingredients, Herbal extracts, Carbohydrates, Vitamins and Creatine.

B-Clear is non-detectable in tests as it is an all-natural product, not a chemical masking agent.

The manufacturers of B-Clear have attained a 99.5% success rate when trialled under controlled test conditions.

 Each 750ml bottle of B-Clear is rated by the manufacturer for:

- Users up to 200 pounds (91kg) in weight. It is recommended those over 91kg in weight take Stat Flush (or Power Flush) capsules in conjunction with B-Clear, no matter what the time frame since their last “indiscretion”.

- Light to moderate users that will have 4 days, or more, between their last “indiscretion” and their test... If 3 days, or under, it’s recommended that Stat Flush (or Power Flush) capsules be used in conjunction with B-Clear.

- Frequent, heavy users that will have 15 days, or more, between their last “indiscretion” and their test... If 14 days, or less, it’s recommended that Stat Flush (or Power Flush) capsules be used in conjunction with B-Clear.

Please Note Someone that “partakes” three times per week, or more, is classified as a heavy consumer. 

- Those partaking in non-green "Other Stuff" that will have 4 days, or more, between their last indiscretion and their test... If 3 days, or less, it's recommended that Stat Flush (or Power Flush ) capsules be used in conjunction with B-Clear.

Flavours: Depending on your hydration level, the colour of the different flavours can have an effect on the colour of your urine test sample. Therefore, it is recommended when taking B-clear liquid on its own, that the Orange flavour is used. When being taken in conjunction with Stat Flush (or Power Flush) capsules, the lime flavour is recommended.

While very uncommon, on occasions we may run out of a particular flavour, due to supply issues etc. In the event the flavour chosen with your order is not available, we will ship an alternative flavour, as the primary concern for the overwhelming majority of our customers is having the product delivered a.s.a.p, not the flavour.

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