Eden Indoor Gardens, the International Hydroponic Store

Our mission is to offer you the best selection of local and international brand name products with free advice to help you achieve the best results in your hydroponic garden. 


The story of Eden Indoor Gardens

Located in the Fremantle-Cockburn catchment area, Eden Indoor Gardens are your locally owned and operated hydroponic and indoor gardening professionals. We have over 20 years of hydroponic growing experience, indoors and outdoors. Our resident expert can help you choose a hydroponic system that compliments your level of proficiency. If you desire to bring your garden inside or wish to improve your outdoor garden, then talk to us. We pride ourselves on our level of customer service and are known for giving sound advice. If you want the right products at competitive prices and wish to leave feeling empowered, not confused, then contact us.

Welcome to Eden Indoor Gardens. Where good advice is free.